• Topscomm AMI Solution
    Topscomm AMI Solution Oct 08, 2016
    Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solution AMI Solution Topscomm Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution is an integrated solution of hardware and software, which consists of smart meters, intelligent terminals, communication networks, meter data collection system (MDCS), meter data management system (MDMS). Be available to realize bidirectional communication data collection and process, dynamic pricing, load control, anti-tampering, energy management, etc. System Architecture Main Functions I. Line Loss Management. Realize line loss calculation of each district, each voltage, each line, each transformer and each phase, and improve refined line loss management level. II. Comprehensive Inspection. Alert for power line, transformer and user of abnormal power consumption to make electricity inspector be targeted to investigate electricity larceny, and enhance success rate of anti-damper. IIl. Orderly Power Utilization. Provide administrator with accurate load data to realize scientific and orderly power utilization. IV. Power Utilization Inspection. Available to monitor power supply devices of key and high-risk users in real-time on-line. V. Billing Automation. With timely, integrated and accurate electricity collection function, available to realize the whole process automation of meter reading, accounting and billing. VI.Connection Abnormality Identification. Be available to automatically identify live and neutral line reverse connection of single phase meter and reverse phase sequence of three phase meter. Master Station (Topscomm AMI System) Topscomm AMI system is based on series of open standards and combined with own experiences in electric power industry, is developed on the basis of B/S framework. This system is composed of automatic meter reading, load control and power grid monitoring, meanwhile, combined with prepayment vending system to realize advanced metering management system for remote electricity presale. Topscomm AMI System Interface System Advantages I. Strong data process capability. This system is equipped with distributed framework design, available to disperse out communication, data collection and business process task to different servers, able to automatically distribute load, task process speed is fast; II. Flexible task schedule mechanism. Be available to flexibly configure collection task, collect data by automatic timing or manual real-time; III. Rich report forms show. Support flexible query criteria to show the report friendly, support convenient export functions; IV. Compatible with various open communication protocols. Support IEC62056, DLMS/COSEM protocols. V. Perfect Safety and Confidentiality Measure. With multilevel and fine-grained rights management function, system database, application software and communication control are equipped with strict rights management, to distribute different rights to different workers according to different job responsibilities.
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  • Low Voltage PLC communication Solution
    Low Voltage PLC communication Solution Oct 08, 2016
    Low Voltage PLC communication Solution Summary Topscomm Low Voltage PLC communication solution is provided with TCC081 series chipset to realize the PLC communication function through power line communication medium. This solution is available to settle a variety of key technical problems: a) High rise building’s variable frequency pump noise; b) Electric bicycles charger noise; c) Reliability of carrier communication in complex area. Main features a) Zero-cross communication b) Node Monitoring c) 3-phase simultaneous transmission d) Transformer area discrimination e) Search meter automatically f) Phase discrimination management g) Discriminating L/N transposition h) Real-time freezing i) Line loss analysis j) Transparent task Technical Advantages a) Equipped with various technologies, like fast network, log in, trial, node listening, carrier speed selections, automatic relay, etc. to finish reading meter. Concentrator master control program is not required to participate in controlling meter reading progress; b) Communication protocol is confirmed with IEC61334, DLMS/COSEM(IEC62056); c) Automatically select communication speed, and achieve a good balance between overcoming severe environment and improving meter reading speed; d) Work while three phases cross zero separately, to efficiently prevent malfunction of electric leakage protector or other protectors, and to improve meter reading efficiency; e) Strictly three-phase transmission sequence control; f) High-integrated processor and memory, not only improve stability, but also reduce cost.
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  • Medium Voltage PLC Communication Solution
    Medium Voltage PLC Communication Solution Nov 07, 2016
    Medium Voltage PLC Solution Topscomm Medium Voltage PLC System Constitution Topscomm Medium voltage PLC communication utilizes 10kv power line as transmission channel, with many advantages like small investment, simple construction, convenient maintenance, synchronous with power grid construction, fast engineering launch, coverage consistent with power system, etc. Topscomm medium voltage PLC system is composed of carrier host, carrier slave and coupler, widely used in electricity consumption information acquisition field and distribution network automation field. Rack Type Application Mode Install rack type PLC host in substation, and install PLC communication slaves along medium voltage feeder line, to constitute substation-centered carrier communication network. This network is connected with transmission network in substation through Ethernet to constitute a safe and special access network for electricity information acquisition system and power distribution automation system. Wall-mounted Type Application Mode Available to settle the communication issues where wireless signal is not good or not covered. In electricity information acquisition field: Install PLC communication host in power line of good wireless signal, and install PLC communication slave in terminal point of bad or no wireless signal, to settle the problem that data cannot be read and collected due to bad or no signal in mountain area. In power distribution automation field: Under the circumstances that parts of power lines cannot be paved with optical fiber or parts of terminal points cannot be covered with wireless signal, install PLC communication host in main communication access point, and install PLC communication slave in difficult communication terminal point, to realize reliable communication connection between terminal point and main system. Technical Advantages Topscomm MV power line carrier communication technology is equipped with our own patent technology of low-voltage PLC, and provided with targeted and creative research. With advantages as below: a) Be equipped with advanced FEC technology to lower transmission bit error rate; b) Be equipped with advanced modulation-demodulation technology to reduce line noise interference; c) Be equipped with advanced impedance matching technology to realize matching for line complex impedance; d) With flexible relay function. Any medium voltage PLC communication slave is able to become relay device, available to relay and transmit carrier signal, to extend transmission distance of carrier signal; e) With strong capability of network management. Available to constitute a complex and stable communication network composed of medium voltage PLC communication host in substation and numerous medium voltage PLC communication slaves scattered along medium voltage power line; f) With advanced lightening-proof technology, available to efficiently avoid impact of lightening surge.
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  • Line Loss Management
    Line Loss Management Nov 08, 2016
    Line Loss Management The line loss management in low-voltage grid is a complex system engineering, it involves all aspects of the enterprise, it requiring standardization, technicalization, to avoid spending a lot of manpower and resources. Topscomm owns the core patented technology with own intellectual property rights of products, has the professional technical team, owns the advanced line loss control products and services, Topscomm has achieved the real line loss control in past engineering projects and greatly benefit the utilities. ADVANTAGES: 1.With professional engineers team in power industry, has a wealth of experience and professional understanding of the power equipment, high-quality work can be completed. 2. Technical advantages: based on the PLC communication technology to realize phase identification, abnormal wiring identification, power data acquisition and transformer area power loss analysis.
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  • Water/Gas/Heat & Electricity Meter AMR/AMI Solution
    Water/Gas/Heat & Electricity Meter AMR/AMI Solution Nov 15, 2016
    Topscomm Water/Gas/Heat & Electricity Meter AMR/AMI Solution mainly consists of meters (water/gas/heat/electricity meters), signal converter, data concentrator, data transmission channel and master station system. The solution founds the mathematical models through data acquisition, data transmission and data analysis, and finally to realize water/heat/gas/electricity meters data reading and monitoring, to enhance the user’s energy management, to alarm & settle abnormal energy using situations, to improve energy using security and equipment protection etc. Topscomm Water/Gas/Heat & Electricity Meter AMR/AMI Solution is applicable to broad applications such as energy companies, commercial units, residential communities etc. The solution is featured with time-saving, labor-less, high accuracy and efficiency, is effectively in reducing meter reading error, reducing energy loss and energy theft, is one of the most effective way in "reduce labor, increase efficiency" energy business. 1.Design principles A propagable Water/Gas/Heat & Electricity Meter AMR/AMI Solution shall be equipped with following features: Low cost: Make full use the existed terminals and communication channel of electricity, reduce invest cost; No negative effects: Shall not have negative influence on electricity meter reading; High adaptability: Adapt to different communication channels and meters, convenient to be upgraded, with high successful meter reading rate; Less construction: Less construction and less maintenance. 2.System architecture 3.Key communication technologies 3.1 Advantages for M-BUS and RF communication M-BUS communication Hierarchical communication system (controlled  by the Host) it consists of Host, Slave and two connecting cable A.Simple cabling: with only two communication cable,  no special cabling requirements B.Bus  powered:  power supplied by communication cable, is suitable to water/gas/ heat meters without  own     power supply C.Stable communication: with high anti-interference ability, is cable to ensure successful communication rate RF communication Frequency band: 470MHz~510MHz (as per the actual conditions), ad-hoc networking function A.No cabling need, convenient for construction B.Need external power supply or backup battery for water/gas/heat meters C.Communication maybe effected by the operating environment D.The water/gas/heat meters manufacturer are required to  adopt the same networking protocol and frequency band 4.Proposals for projects implementation 4.1 Proposals for new construction projects: such as new planning buildings, residential community, industrial areas etc. 4.2 Proposals reform projects 5. Construction scheme for Topscomm Water/Gas/Heat & Electricity Meter AMR/AMI Solution
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  • Distribution Automation and Management Solution
    Distribution Automation and Management Solution Oct 08, 2016
    Distribution Automation and Management Solution Summary Distribution Automation and Management Solution is an integrated system which put the information of power distribution network real-time/offline users, power grid structure parameters and geography together. Taking advantage of electronic technology, communication technology and network technology, this system is available to realize comprehensive automation of monitoring, protection, control, and distribution management. Architecture Main Advantages: 1.Improve the reliability of power supply. Shorten the time of fault discrimination, insulation, and non-fault section recovery, in addition, to reduce the huge losses caused by the grid fault; 2.Improve power quality. Provide the best quality electricity energy to the user; 3.Improve service level of utilities; 4.Improve the economic benefit of distribution network operation. Improve the utilization rate of equipment, reduce the reserve capacity, lower the cost of distribution operation maintenance and line loss and maximize the economic benefits of enterprises; 5.The rapid development of distribution automation promotes the scientific planning of primary equipment of distribution network, and ensures the long-term sustainable development of distribution system. Master Station Software System Topscomm Distribution Management System (DMS) Topscomm distribution management system (DMS) is a whole set integrated system for analysis, simulation and operation of electric power generation, transmission and distribution. This system is developed under an established quality assurance program and has been widely used as high reliability electrical power automation system software. System Module Diagram System Main Functions: 1.SCADA system monitoring 2.Feeder automation 3.GIS and management 4.Operation simulation 5.Distribution dispatching anti-maloperation 6.Interface with other systems
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